To: Struggling Online Entrepreneurs

From the Desk of: Jeremy Kennedy

Dearest Acquaintance,

I’m writing this private letter to share with you an unbelievably simple way to get sales online.

In fact, this could possibly be THE most simple system ever created and tested for the sole purpose of:

    #1 - Providing real value to your customers.
    #2 - Making it easy for you to get sales online.

This system is created in such a way that it is repeatable and able to be implemented by anyone who uses it.

DISCLAIMER: These are REAL customers of mine who got results specifically using my Super Simple Sales System.

Customers are getting sales from the very first day!

Then the next day...

Momen got his first sale within 15 minutes!...

And it didn't stop there...

Yes, those are real sales using this process...

I’ve been generating sales online since 2012.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have helped tens of thousands of people get results on the internet.

Strategies like the one in my Super Simple Sales System have allowed me to maintain a home office lifestyle, taking care of my family and two young boys while running my entire business from a laptop.

There are thousands of things you can sell online and a thousand different ways to sell them.

If you’ve struggled in the past to generate sales online, it’s not your fault.

“Gurus” have been spoon feeding you misinformation for years. Promising you riches to sell you widgets.

The truth is, you have everything you need, right at this very moment, to make as much as you want for the rest of your life.

For nearly a decade I’ve scoured the internet looking for the best & easiest ways to get sales online.

I’ve tested method after method.

I failed at most but saw great success with a small few.

For example, my online information products business has produced well over half-a-million alone but I’ve found it can be really difficult for beginners to get a start.

It’s usually either too tech heavy and the client gives up, or believe they can’t afford the tools & advertising or think they have to be some gooroo and simply don’t move on.

My Super Simple Sales System solves all of these problems.

With my system:

  • You DON’T need a website.
  • You DON’T need any money.
  • You DON’T need expensive tools (how about free?).
  • You DON’T need any previous experience.
  • You DON’T need an email list.
  • You DON’T need to spend more than 10-15 mins per day after setting this up.

In fact, you could have this completely setup before you go to sleep tonight!

Think about having something for sale on the internet by tonight… think about actually GETTING sales!

The FIRST time I tested this method, this happened...

IMPORTANT: These are REAL results directly & ONLY from using my 
Super Simple Sales System...

That's over $1,226 in pure profit, without a website!

That was just the very first time I tested this method!

 I've been using it consistently ever since...

Yes, even in 2024! ... keep reading, it gets better!!

I decided to test this same process with higher price points.

This is where it really gets fun.

It was a gamble… but you have to take risks, right?

Check this out… 

I decided to test this process at $297


I was blown away...

It was too easy, there's no way!

But if that worked...

What about $397?


This is getting crazy...

How could it be so easy??

But I just had to know...

Would this super simple process work,

...not only for $297 & $397...

But also for the coveted $497 mid-ticket price point?

Survey says...

And just last month, in 2024, I dusted it off the shelf and it still works great!...

I got 13 monthly recurring customers at $49/month + one $397 all within 72 hours!


WITHOUT a website.

WITHOUT having really anything yet.

WIHTOUT using AI although one certainly could.

I could have used any payment system in the world.

I could have taken crypto if I wanted.

I could have done this on 10 different places.

It's very flexible.

It worked for me but what about others? I handed it out to a few of my friends....

DISCLAIMER: These are REAL customers and friends of mine who got results specifically using my Super Simple Sales System.

Tatiana was the first to message back...

WOW... $1k her very FIRST day?!

...and then another $250 the next day!

I couldn't believe it.

But even more...

Just after that someone else reached out...

He used my system and got sales within 12 hours!

$100+ on his very FIRST day.

I was flabbergasted.

Not only does it work for me but other people as well.

That's when you know when something truly works.

Your jaw will drop when you see how simple & easy this process is.

I've been using this simple system for over 6 years with consistent results.

All without a website, funnels, webinars, videos, any paid tools, paid traffic or likely anything you've seen before.

You will not believe how ridiculously SIMPLE this is!!!

I don’t just show you how to set it up but also WHERE the people are to sell to and HOW to sell to them!

You can start without having a following.

You can use this system in nearly any niche/industry/topic.

Leveraging completely 100% free tools and completely 100% free traffic which I’ll also show you how to get.

Now, you might be wondering… “How much work am I about to get myself into here?”

Not much. You’ll only spend an evening putting this together if you take action.

Best of all, you set this up ONCE and go.

Some folks have seen sales on their very first day and they can continue to come in for, long as you keep sending people to it!

(I show you how to do that too)

Introducing... the    

My Super Simple System to Get Sales Online Without A Website, Complex Tools, A Budget or Experience

My process allows regular people like you and me to follow it’s steps and render results, no matter who you are.

You can apply my framework to nearly any niche, passion, industry or business.

I use no-cost tools and make it brain-dead easy to set up.

I walk you through everything, step-by-step in this bite sized but detailed video course.

Inside you'll learn:

  • My exact Super Simple process for getting sales online WITHOUT websites, webpages, funnels, videos, webinars, social media following, paid ads, YouTube, review sites or bogus "automation" softwares.
  • Full Case Study: How I'm converting mid-ticket clients with ease using the Super Simple process. See what I sell, how I sell it and who I sell it to.
  • How to get people to yo stuff (a.k.a. traffic).
  • And a boatload more...

That's great but how much are you going to charge me to learn how you're making all that sweet sweet dough?

I'm gonna show you how I'm getting $297, $397 & $497 sales without complex systems and how you can setup your own immediately.

Wouldn't you agree that even if you got ONE $297 sale, this course is worth $297..?

If you could do like Tatiana above and bust $1,000 in your first day...

Wouldn't it even be worth $1,000?

Yeah, I agree...

But guess what?

Instead of $1,000,

Or even $297 like I probably should...

What if, today only, I let you in for only $12.99?

That's just one single low-ticket sale using this process.

Fair deal?

Some folks made 52x that on their very first day!

I made it so affordable because in the long run, if you get sales, it will create a lasting relationship to do business with me in the future.

One more thing...

You'll Also Get The Following Add-ons To Grow Your Sales Even More...

ADD-ON #1 - Traffic Blast-O-Matic

How to get 430,000+ ad credits, 16 Full Solo Ads to 10s of thousands of Subscribers, 49 Banner Spots, 50,000 Ad impressions + more traffic than you can handle... All 100% for FREE!

(currently sold elsewhere for $25)

ADD-ON #2 - ProCa$hinator Masterclass

Because I know it will help… I’m adding in my ProCa$hinator Masterclass which allows you to destroy procrastination and actually get stuff done in your business and in your life. This actionable masterclass sold for $97 alone and can be absolutely life changing by itself. 

(currently sold elsewhere for $97)

ADD-ON #3 - Private Mastermind Group

You'll join 536+ entrepreneurs from all walks of life and levels of experience inside my customers & colleagues only FB group. Also you'll have direct access to me inside when you need help! Most people charge monthly for this, you'll get permanent access.

(normally $297/yr)

If you Add everything up...

  • Super Simple Mid-Ticket Sales System Course - $297
  • Add-on #1: Traffic-Blast-O-Matic Full Course - $25
  • Add-on #2: Procra$hinator Masterclass - $97
  • Add-on #3: Private Mastermind Access - $297/yr

It would normally cost: $716

Get Instant Access to Everything Today For A Sweet Limited Time Discount!

WARNING: Price rises to $25 when the timer runs out!

P.S. You may wonder...

“I live in XYZ country, is that ok?”
Oh yea, you can do this from nearly anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection & a way to accept payments (I use Paypal but you can use any processor) then you are good to go!

“I’ve never made money online before, can I do this?”
Absolutely. This is one of the easiest ways to start!

“Do I need a big budget to get sales with this?”
Not at all. In fact, I use free tools and free traffic… both that ACTUALLY WORK. I also show you how you can optionally scale (properly) with paid traffic but paid traffic is NOT the focus of this training and NOT how I got my results with this system.

“Do you offer a refund period?”
Yep! If you don't like my training, I don't want your money. Plain and simple. You get 30 days to decide but I bet you'll be too busy getting sales.

"Do you guarantee results?"
While I do offer a refund period, I can NOT legally guarantee that you will get any results or financial gain whatsoever. Please understand I’m only giving you access to a video course that contains information which teaches you a system/process that I have personally used myself. Results from this system are purely based on you and your efforts. 

“Do you offer additional support if I get stuck?”
Absolutely! Send me an email to and I’ll be happy to help you overcome any objectives or hurdles. Also, you can reach out to me in the FB group once inside.

Yours for Success,

Jeremy Kennedy

WARNING: Price rises to $25 when the timer runs out!

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