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My Super Simple Way to 

Get Sales Online, Immediately, For Just About Anything.

WITHOUT: a Website, Page Builders, an Email List, a Social Following, Expert Status, Expensive Software or Paid Ads... 

In fact, you can to it all from home on your laptop or mobile, for FREE!

Clients are getting sales from their very first day!

When You Join the Super Simple Sales Challenge You'll Get...

6-Week On-Going LIVE Challenge Training & Membership

Do it with us LIVE over the next 6 Weeks as I teach you the ABC’s of creating & selling your own info products and how to do it in a mind-blowingly easy new way. Each week we'll get on a live workshop and unbox that week's training. We all do it together over then next 6-weeks. Backed by thousands in results by multiple student successes. P.S. It won't take you 6 weeks to get results, many see sales within week 1 and even on their first day!

Normal Price: $1,997

Full 8+ Weeks of Recorded Training From the First Class

We’re starting fresh with a new class but I’m including ALL of the training and resources from the last class (and more) so you don’t have to wait to get started. The first class had to wait through 6 weeks for all this, you’ll get it all instantly here in the next few minutes!!

Normal Price: $995

Access To The Challenge Members’ Only Mastermind

One of the best parts of this Challenge is doing together with your peers all at the same time. We are active and help & support each other inside the members’ only group. I also often post additional training & resources in the group. I’ve had similar mastermind groups for $397/yr and they weren’t nearly as focused. You get a permanent membership to this group which means you can take advantage of the community, build your network (and get my direct support) for years to come.

Normal Price: $397/yr

Super Secret Challenge Printable Companion Workbook

This workbook helps you turn the training into execution & provides you with a clear path and plan of action. I’ve paid $197 for similar work books that helped immensely in putting what I learned into practice. Reflect on this workbook regularly to re-focus & stay on track.

Normal Price: $197

Super Simple Sales Letter Template

The exact sales letter formula responsible for tens of thousands of sales and hundreds of thousands in revenue generated from following my step-by-step copywriting formula. This will make writing a sales letter an absolute breeze, just fill in the blanks. It works for ANY niche or industry. A good sales letter makes the difference between 10 sales and 10,000. This bulletproof template ensures your sales copy follows the most proven copywriting framework.

Normal Price: $297

2020 Case Study Selling $297-497 Offers

I show you literally everything in this 45-min uncensored case study of how I’m using the Super Simple process to sell mid-ticket offers without a website or any of the normal stuff. This case study alone can help you unlock $297-497 sales immediately even without the rest of the Challenge training, it’s reasonably worth at least one sale right?

Normal Price: $497

Proca$hinator Masterclass

Students paid $97 for this wall-busting, procrastination killing, productivity hyper-driving actionable masterclass. You’ve likely never seen my system for keeping track of life, family, relationships, health, wealth, business and personal goals. This masterclass will help you improve every category of your life, DAILY, with a very actionable written process that takes less than 15 mins a day.

Normal Price: $97

Offer & Sales Letter In-Depth Expert Critique

When you are done, I’ll go through your offer with a fine-tooth comb to make sure you have something people will love and want to buy. After writing 100s of sales letters, I know what’s hot & what’s not. This will easily cost you a few hundred bucks or more elsewhere and usually from someone less qualified. I’ve charged $197 to do this for clients previously. It can truly mean the difference between getting 1 sale on your first offer or 1,000.

Normal Price: $197

One-on-One Private Strategy Session Over The Phone

I really want to help you get a fast start so we are going to hop on the phone for about an hour so you can tell me what your current situation is and I can tell you what I think your best business strategy could be. I’ve done countless calls like this over the years for $97 and not once have I had someone leave without some key breakthroughs.

Normal Price: $97

Personal Messenger and Voice PM Support

Nobody does this! You’ll get direct access to ping me via my personal FB messenger (which I use more than normal texting) to get answers & help on the spot (unless I’m asleep of course). I considered not adding this because I take my time (and yours) very seriously but I also realize the extreme value and I want to truly overdeliver for you. Worth the entirety of this whole package combined, by itself. It does not get any better than having an expert at your fingertips when you need it most.

Normal Price: $497/m

Normal Price: $5,268

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